1. This asterisk indicates the "caution" issued on the 10th of July, 1998 telephone update where Jim indicated that the market would begin down shortly. This was preceded by Jim's statement in the May 29, 1998 hard copy update " Well, as I have been saying, June and into July looks very dangerous. I personally will be out of the market in June and may even be playing the ". On July 10 he informed subscribers on a telephone update that the market would begin down shortly, and on the 17th the market began its move down that saw it go down just over 19% during the summer.
  2. At this point most pundits and the media were throwing in the towel on the market. We have reports of large losses from betting on the downside through the purchase of "puts". At this time, just as things were looking bleakest, and as a "lone voice" Jim advised that the Model had issued a "buy" signal on September 25, 1998. Within 10 days the market began a sharp rise which took it up almost 30% quickly and (up 62% on the NASDAQ) by the time the Model issued a 'sell' signal on October 25, 1999 it was up close to 40%. 
  3. A "Sell" signal in the Model on October 25, 1999. This "sell" allowed our subscribers to lock-in HUGE profits. Within 2 months the market began its turn with the NASDAQ collapsing in the Spring of 2000. Meanwhile those who followed the Model's direction were making money safely in other instruments. Those instruments were up just over 21% for the year at the end of December 2000 (and now at the end of October 2002 up 52.5%).
  4. Dec 18, 2000 Advisory. A short term rally advisory through mid January 2001 ONLY (EXPIRED MID JANUARY), limited to blue chip technology issues, certain financial and other big-cap stocks was given within the context of an overall sell signal. The influence of the sell signal remained in effect for all other areas during this short period. The prime aim of this update was to warn those subscribers who may be short the market to step aside until further notice - which was given at mid January.  AS OF MID JANUARY 2001 - THE SELL AGAIN TOOK PRECEDENCE in all areas, when the short term advisory was lifted .

NOTE: No information that is more recent than a few months are made available outside the paid subscriber section, and in some circumstances may be delayed even longer.