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James A. Shepherd Market Timing Service, Inc.

(a US Stock Market Timing Service, of which the principal, Jim Shepherd has been successfully using his model since the early 1980's to time the market with 100% accuracy on major moves) 

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. . .With the recent market volatility, we have put up a Trial voice Update for the next few weeks in May, 2000


Our service's AIM, FIRST & FOREMOST is to Protect Capital (lost opportunity is one thing, loss of capital is disastrous!) - then to grow your Capital SAFELY!  Jim has been able to do that with a very high return for his subscribers for years with the help of his proprietary model.

The investment environment has changed ....

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"I have been surprised by the accuracy of Jim's short term market predictions. He has predicted a number of corrections with an accuracy that has startled me. In two recent minor panics...Jim steadfastly maintained this was definitely NOT the start of the bear market while many better known market oracles predicted disaster." R.N. (Foreign subscriber consulted by a previous U.S. administration on economic policy matters) Author's note-another example: JASMTS call for a "Buy" on Sep 24, 1998 when most other pundits were calling for a crash - market moved up 40% "...discovered your service in 1990 and was able to avoid a 6 month bear market. I am continually amazed at how you have the ability to look across the valleys and over the mountain tops to see what is coming several months ahead...Other market advisors seem to react after the market has turned..." M.H., Canada "...writing to let you know that I re-subscribe every year to keep in touch with your proven indicator's signals, keep up the good work" S.S., MA

James A. Shepherd Market Timing Service, Inc.

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