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Based on the Proprietary Model of James A. Shepherd

Sell: Week of September 8th, 1987

Buy: Week of May 2nd, 1988

Sell: Week of August 8th, 1990

Buy: Week of January 22nd, 1991

Sell: Week of March 23rd, 1994

Buy: Week of January 2nd, 1995 (Dow at 3838)

Caution*: May/June 1998 (Dow at 9105)

Buy: Week of Sept. 25th, 1998 (Dow at 8028)

Sell: Week of Oct 25, 1999 (Dow at 10,350)

*Caution? A Caution was issued so that those subscribers who were not concerned about short-term tax implications could temporarily exit the stock market, to avoid a temporary correction, before re-entering on the next buy signal.

Upon receiving the October '99 Sell signal our subscribers were advised to move into a newly identified bullish asset class for growth and safety. This recommendation was very profitable to our subscribers. Most other advisors did not identify this new asset class until over a year later (some never did).


Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

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