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Profiting in the Current Market

.... presently that of a Bear Market!

April 2002: March statistical data continued to be manipulated by Wall Street with the assistance of the financial media in order to lead investors to believe that the recession is over. We do not concur! The economy is still slowing and the stock market is still faced with serious problems. Any improvements in the data represent only a bounce off very low levels following the events of September 2001. Our current, and possible future positions continue to offer not only safety but also the potential for huge profits as this bear market continues to unfold.

On October 25th 1999 the Model issued a sell signal that was a warning to exit the stock market and that a bear market was approaching. This fact was confirmed when the Dow finished lower in each of the next 2 years (accepted definition of a bear market is the Dow finishing lower in one full year). However this didn’t mean that we had to take chances in the stock market in so-called defensive stocks or that we couldn’t continue to grow our investments. In fact it presented some new opportunities for huge profits, some of which may exceed any in modern history. Here, in general terms, (subscribers receive specifics), is the line up of potentially profitable positions that our subscribers may take as this market develops.

  1. On receipt of the Model’s sell signal in October 1999, subscribers were advised to purchase investments that would grow and safely protect their capital. These investments have increased in value by approximately 33% since they were recommended.
    Risk Rating: Low with correct timing
    Leverage Rating: Low

  2. Some subscribers may choose to follow Jim’s recommendation, as given to his managed accounts, to purchase certain types of mutual funds that will appreciate as the market falls.
    Risk Rating: Moderate with correct timing
    Leverage Rating: Low

  3. Some subscribers may choose to follow Jim’s recommendations, as given to his managed accounts, to use a type of bond with slightly more leverage for rapid appreciation in the event of a market collapse.
    Risk Rating: Moderate with correct timing
    Leverage Rating: Moderate

  4. Some subscribers may choose to follow Jim’s recommendations, as given to his managed accounts, to purchase certain types of leveraged instruments that will explode in value (these were used during the 1987 crash).
    Risk Rating: Very High, correct timing is crucial
    Leverage Rating: Very high

Leveraged instruments are not recommended for most investors

Subscribers are currently being updated on a regular basis and are continuing to profit during this bear market for stocks. They’re awaiting the progress of the Model toward a possible critical mass reading that will signal an imminent market collapse. In 1987 a critical mass reading was reached 13 days prior to the crash, giving us sufficient time to properly position our investments.


I am a recent subscriber and I want to extend my thanks to you for being a voice of reason among all talking heads. As the market advanced from the unfortunate and dramatic events of 9/11, your commentary and advice were sound and reliable. I am looking forward to our continued relationship. S. J.  Hall, Woodsboro MD

We are both Bulls and Bears depending on the future
direction of the U.S. Markets


Our subscribers are never
surprised in any market


Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

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