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A Bit of History

Knowing the future directional changes in the US markets is probably the most valuable tool that an investor can have at their disposal. Long-term investors can be comforted when the bull is alive and well, regardless of short-term fluctuations that sometimes bring doubts. Buy and Hold Investors must be aware of circumstances that are going to substantially reduce their portfolios. There have been times when investments have taken decades to return to their former values. After making a high in 1929, the markets did not regain their former values again until 1953. Those investors who are approaching retirement must be aware of a coming market change that will either substantially reduce their retirement funds or force a set back in their retirement date. Short-term traders will benefit by knowing which side of the trade is the safest regardless of whether we’re in a bull or a bear market.

"I have been in the market since 1958, and was a broker from 1967-2001 (34 years).
    I have utilized many technical services in my 34 years, but I rate JAS #1. If more brokers knew or utilized technical analysis (editors note: The model does not only look at technical analysis), maybe their customers might have some money left.
    JAS told people to liquidate Oct 99 - Excellent Call!
    Your track record speaks for itself.
·Mike Z. Brenan, retired Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Broker. Feb 5, 2001

Having a scientific mind, Jim Shepherd decided to do some homework to determine if major market moves could be predicted. That homework went on for years until he had developed a Model. You can imagine his delight when the Model successfully back tested (every major move, both up and down) over a 100-year period. It took him over 6 years to arrive at a point where he could start testing it in real time. During the early years of the 1980’s it gave him three clear signals. Since those three it has given eight more in 'real time' that have been used by our clients. It is important that all eleven signals came prior to any indication in the markets that there was about to be a change in market direction.

The first big success was when the model issued a sell signal 41 days prior to the 1987 Crash. Jim and his clients took leveraged positions awaiting the crash and many of them became millionaires on October 19th.

Although there have been a number of signals and short term advisories through the 1990's which we could detail, I'm sure that you would rather read about more recent events. So lets move forward to 1998 with one of the more recent signals which got our clients back into the market on September 25th 1998. This signal came at a very negative time in the market when most thought that the market was finally going to crash. The market went on to gain over 40% and made new highs in the next few months.

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

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