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Summary of the Shepherd Investment Strategist's
Major Real Time Signals since 1986


Sept 1987 SELL Market Crashed Oct. 19th
May 1988 BUY Market rose 50% to July '90
Aug 1990 SELL Market fell 20% in 3 months
Jan 1991 BUY Market rose 52% in 3 years
Mar 1994 SELL Market fell 10% in 2 months
Jan 1995 BUY Market rose 140%
May 1998 CAUTION “we intend to step aside in June”
July 1998 WARNING Voice update of July 10, Jim warned of a down move coming. Market dropped 19% starting July 17.
Sept 1998 BUY Market rose 40% in 14 months
Oct 1999 SELL Sell Equities Buy Safe Investments
Dec 2000 Advisory Short-term rally advisory issued Dec 18, specifically noting that the rally would be limited to blue chip technology issues, certain financials and other big-cap stocks only. THIS WAS LIFTED IN MID JANUARY 2001, when the overall sell signal's influence became predominent again. The prime aim of this advisory was to warn those subscribers who may be short the market, in those areas outlined, to step aside until further notice.


Our subscribers are currently awaiting A Critical Mass Signal of an Impending Crash, confirmation of a Bear Market or a new Buy Signal. Only current subscribers will have access to this signal until approximately 6-8 weeks after the signal is received from the Model.

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

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