Investment Results

It is a fact; ninety five percent of fund managers donít beat the indexes! And few beat them 2 years in a row.

But we do beat the indexes by using the Model and by a significant amount too.
The graphs below show that since 1982 our results are approximately 300% better than when an investment is left alone to rise and fall over time using the buy and hold strategy. Our results were attained by either stepping aside during coming dangerous times in the stock market or by moving into alternate investments. We have been invested in stocks approximately 90% of the time and none of our results include dividends or profits from leveraged instruments. Our results are based on actual investments and do not include forward projected hypothetical returns based on guesswork, as is the common practice by many forecasters. The Modelís track record speaks for itself, itís accurate, timely and is never qualified.

"...writing to let you know that I re-subscribe every year to keep in touch with your proven indicator's signals, keep up the good work"
∑ S.S. Massachusetts

The Model identifies changes to underlying factors in the economy well in advance and takes them into account to accurately predict market directional change that are so significant that they should not be ignored. Being out of the stock market and into alternate investments at the correct time can make huge differences over the lifetime to investments that are so important to retirement plans. By losing 50% of a portfolio, an investor then has to make a 100% gain in order to regain itís previous value. Large losses in portfolio value in the years just prior to retirement are usually impossible to replace and result in a delayed retirement or a lifestyle that is greatly reduced.

The Modelís signals have proven that Stock Investment doesnít have to be a gambleÖÖusing its signals it becomes a science.

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

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