What You Will Receive

This service is designed for people that want to know in clear and concise terms what is going to happen in the U S markets while not taking much more that 4 or 5 minutes in an average week. The service does not cover individual stocks.

You will get a 1 or 2 page Communiqué’ each month. You will be able to listen to a verbal update, either by telephone or on Real Audio, each Friday after 6 PM EST. Additional updates will be done on days when the Dow closes after a 250 point change and is currently being done on Wednesdays also, because of present market conditions.

…content has been right on!”
·K.S. Michigan

What We Will Not Be Sending You!

…a newsletter per se.

You will not get a ream of pages every few weeks to go through, which in the case of most other newsletters are “attempts” at forecasting the market and justifying the charges their subscribers pay. The subscribers to some of these newsletters are paying anywhere from $175 to $1395 or more per year, for everything from a few pages to small books or information to be sent to them every three or four weeks. They usually represent a review of what has already started to take place and do not give a clear view of what the future is going to bring.
Although our main focus is the US stock markets, commentary will from time to time also cover other asset classes such as bonds, inflation hedges (gold and silver, real estate) and other commodities that may be about to present special opportunities for profit.

Getting your money’s worth? There are hundred’s of advisory newsletters to choose from. Some are cheaper and some are far more expensive than this one. Most will miss a timely exit from the market and a great many will be years too early. Many are confusing to understand and do not clearly delineate the proper action that should be taken. Our service, at this level, is designed and priced to attract the majority, who want to control their own investment decisions.

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

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