Friday July 11, 2003  
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Rick Young, Boulder

Successful Investing
Never being surprised in any market


  • What if you had known that the bull market was coming to an end?

  • What if you had sold all your stocks and purchased a new investment that was preparing to explode in value at the end of 1999?

  • What if you had known the stock markets were going to crash in October 1987?

  • Would you have known it was safe to start buying stocks again in May 1988 or were you among the many who missed the continuation of the great bull market?

  • What if you had been warned about the problems that were approaching in 1998 prior to the Russian and Asian debt defaults.

  • What if you had access to the same information used by financial advisors, money managers, brokers and other professionals who provide investment advice.

  • If the world's economy was preparing to spiral down into another 1930s style depression, would you want to prepare in advance?

  • If the stock markets were about to collapse, as they did in 1987, wouldn't you want to be prepared?

  • Wouldn't you want to know when the "real bottom" has been formed and when it's really safe to start buying stocks again?

Think about the possibilities for profit and for avoiding disaster by knowing about major changes in the market before they occur.

Sound far-fetched? Yes, we admit, it does!

Look at this chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1982 to the present.
You'll notice arrows above and below the chart pre-dating the eleven major turning points of the US stock markets over that period of time.

Knowing about those approaching major changes could have made you very wealthy if you had acted upon that knowledge. And yes, there is one man who knew in advance about all eleven changes. And yes, he became wealthy because of that knowledge.

The man who's been predicting the financial future since 1982.

Jim Shepherd, Founder

“The economy is in the process of turning a corner and appears headed down once again.”

There is the perception, promoted by the financial media, that a positive end to the war in Iraq will bring an end to economic problems. And while we all desire a quick end to the hostilities, that event should not be looked upon as a savior for the economic problems we face. There has been the re-emergence of a considerable amount of negative economic data indicating the economy is decelerating again after experiencing a slight recovery last year. The economy is in the process of turning a corner and appears headed down once again.

Jim Shepherd from a Newsletter in The Shepherd Investment Strategist
April 7, 2003