JAS Market Timing Service

Some Comments by our Subscribers


"...I want to thank and congratulate Mr. James A. Shepherd in predicting the market direction. I followed his advice and it has saved me a lot of money. Thanks."


"...as a second year subscriber I am more than pleased with your service especially since you have a ³conviction² in your analysis of the market and a sincere approach to helping your clients not only increase their wealth, but more importantly, PRESERVING THEIR WEALTH a rarity in marketing services today! I always look forward to listening to you Friday evening before I make any decisions for trading on Monday! Keep up the good work."


"I have been surprised by the accuracy of Jim's short term market predictions. He has predicted a number of corrections with an accuracy that has startled me. In two recent minor panics - the original Asian panic in 1997 and in the correction that accompanied the Russian default - Jim steadfastly maintained this was definitely NOT the start of the bear market while many better known market oracles predicted disaster (and a couple of my friends bought index puts near the bottom). ...so diametrically different from the rest of the market timers. They all get more bullish the more the market rises and more pessimistic the further it falls. But not only is JASMTS different - most of the time, not a minor detail, it is correct as well."


"...went over all your news letters (of the) past 2 years. ...I subscribed last week &allready (sic) I can sleep better..."


"In his book Love Against Hate, Dr. Carl Menninger states 'The most difficult task for human beings is to raise children and to trade the markets.' Dr Menninger wrote these words in 1934 - little did he know how true this statement was. ...Your 'critical mass' message is one of the best things that can happen to a trader ...In short (after a long letter) I would like to thank you for a very valuable service ...


"...discovered your service in 1990 and was able to avoid a 6 month bear market. I am continually amazed at how you have the ability to look across the valleys and over the mountain tops to see what is coming several months ahead. ...Other market advisers seem to react after the market has turned..."


"...content has been right on!"


"...writing to let you know that I re-subscribe every year to keep in touch with your proven indicator's signals, keep up the good work"


Even though we do not answer telephone calls directly, we have had comments like this person recently wrote in with:

"Thanks to your attention to detail in getting news to me despite the fax problems. I appreciate your customer focus."


And this one recently from a customer, who although we really appreciate the comment, even we feel may have been a little more gracious than we deserve:

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how very pleased I've been with your services. There's truly nothing else like it in the world!"


(Revised Oct 12, 2000)