Subscription Fee

Individual Users
The annual fee has not changed since 1992 and remains at $375.00 per year.   From time to time there are offers which present some savings. These can be seen on the actual subscription page if and when they are offered. Great savings for multiple years sign up are available and are seen at the subscription form in the drop down menu..
Financial Advisors and other Professional users
The next higher level of service is normally for investors who need more information than this basic signal service offers. Financial advisors or other professionals wishing to utilize any part of the information issued by the MTS in their newsletter or similar periodicals must, at a minimum, purchase the next higher level of service at the $2500.00 level. One higher level of service is available. This helps to cover the time and costs of reviewing and discussing that information prior to approving the proposed use of the information. It also allows for occasional questions and discussion on the market via an 800 number, which Jim answers personally.

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August 07, 2001