Financial Advise Stock Market Crash Great Depression Inflation Deflation Bear Market Jim Shepherd's financial advisor service uses a financial investment model that 
		accurately predicts the financial long-term changes in the US financial stock market. The financial investment model used by Jim's financial advisor 
		service predicted both the 1987 and 1929 stock market crashes. Many other smaller interim financial moves also were predicted, including the
		beginning of the 2000 Bear stock market in late 1999. Both inflation and the current descent toward deflation, that was responsible for the great
		depression, are measured by this same financial investment model that has been used to predict both bear markets and new bull markets,
		far in advance of anything available in the U.S. financial markets.
Friday July 3, 2009  
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Jim Shepherd
Jim Shepherd,
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Global Economy Called Worst Since 1945

The global economy will most likely contract this year for the first time since World War II, and the recovery will take longer than expected.

International Monetary Fund
April 22, 2009