The Shepherd Investment Strategist, A Service of JAS MTS, Inc.

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Mission and Philosophy

The MISSION of this service is to keep customers apprised, in advance, of major changes in direction of the US stock market. This provides the basis for not only the safety of ones portfolio, but its continued substantial growth. 

Our PHILOSOPHY in designing this service takes into account how busy most people are today. We have made every effort to ensure that information is succinct and clear. 

Thus the important information is passed along each Friday and in Special telephone updates, which are kept to a few minutes. Monthly hard copy updates are normally kept to one page. These 'Updates' will provide information about the market, including potential smaller moves when able to predict same. If you do not have time even to listen or read these, which we certainly recommend, you will receive notification of major directional changes, as generated by Jim's proprietary model. An actual model generated 'Signal', will be forwarded to you on the day it is received, by your chosen means of delivery.

First indications of a pending change in major market direction will most likely come from listening to updates, as a 180 degree turn in the market is most unlikely without prior warning from Jim's model.

(Last Revised June 15, 2000)