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I cannot thank you enough for the e-mail return & also for the market info you have been supplying. Its like a miracle that there is someone like you with the market knowledge you have & sharing it with us. For over 35 years I would panic several times not knowing what to do & most of the time getting burned. Since I have subscribed to your service I have never been more at ease in the market following your advice. I am continuing to make gains and no losses, what a wonderful feeling. My wife had a bad accident & was able to get some money for the accident. We had a planner come out to set up to help us with investing and planning for the future. He wanted us to invest for long term by investing in growth funds etc. Because I was subscribing to your information, I told him no that we would go money market or bonds. We put the money 3/4 bonds & 1/4 money market. He was mad at us because we didn't listen to him because he told us he was the expert. That was last March. I do not have to say anymore. My wife would have lost several thousand $, but instead is ahead several thousand. What piece of mind we have now. Its very sad to see so many people with there huge losses, & they still insist they're in for long term. Long term to me is I'll never live long enough to recover over the long term the losses I would have if it wasn't for Mr. Shepherd. Thanks again My wife & I are 62 & its all the more important that we invest properly.

"since subscribing to JASMTS I've always looked forward to Jim's audio updates on the web, and receiving the monthly report - even in my short period of membership with the small amount of money I had invested in US stocks, Jim's report has saved me the cost of subscribing, which is substantial to me (in New Zealand dollars!)".
Vicki Slade, Christchurch New Zealand :

Note to Jim. Thank you!  You enabled me to preserve my capital!   If not for you and your guidance, I would have been one of those that lost 50 - 60% of invested capital. I was fully invested in the market until I had the benefit of your services beginning in May of 2000 (still after your sell signal). Your service helps me to maintain a posture of patience and confidence for the future.  Many blessings to you and your staff!

I have been in the market since 1958, and was a broker from 1967-2001 (34 years). I have utilized many technical services in my 34 years, but I rate JAS MTS Inc. #1. If more brokers knew or utilized technical analysis (editor's note: Jim Shepherd's model does not only rely on technical analysis), maybe their customers might have some money left. JAS MTS Inc. told people to liquidate October 1999 - Excellent Call! Your track record speaks for itself!

"I joined your service at the base level in August of 2000, and a month later moved to the Mid level service. I only wish I had heard of you before. I would have saved a lot of money! What I like about Jim is that he does not feel compelled to give a lot of change-ups which normally end up losing one money. He is consistent. I have to say, I am so happy I am looking forward to signing up again next year and sending you (another) check for $2500. One can't say that with too many things in life!

" a second year subscriber I am more than pleased with your service especially since you have a "conviction" in your analysis of the market and a sincere approach to helping your clients not only increase their wealth, but more importantly, PRESERVING THEIR WEALTH a rarity in marketing services today! I always look forward to listening to you Friday evening before I make any decisions for trading on Monday! Keep up the good work."

"I have been surprised by the accuracy of Jim's short term market predictions. He has predicted a number of corrections with an accuracy that has startled me. In two recent minor panics - the original Asian panic in 1997 and in the correction that accompanied the Russian default - Jim steadfastly maintained this was definitely NOT the start of the bear market while many better known market oracles predicted disaster (and a couple of my friends bought index puts near the bottom). diametrically different from the rest of the market timers. They all get more bullish the more the market rises and more pessimistic the further it falls. But not only is The Shepherd Investment Strategist different - most of the time, not a minor detail, it is correct as well."

Dear Jim Shepherd,

My name is John Moser and I began subscribing to your service back in October of 2000. After a few weeks of listening to your updates I cancelled my subscription and received a prompt refund. Your staff was very courteous and issued the refund immediately. However, I now regret that decision.

In mid December of 2000 I bought a large number of "put" options on large bank listed on the NYSE and lost over $9000 dollars. I am certain this loss would not have occurred if I had the information your model was providing at the time. If I had still been a subscriber I would have heeded your short term "buy" signal, particularly in the financial issues, and would not have bought the "put" options. Hence, the $375 subscription would have saved me a loss of $9000, an unfortunate mistake to say the least. Having now recouped that loss, I am pleased to become a subscriber to your market timing service once again. The reason is threefold.

First and foremost, you present market data in a concise and timely fashion, second, you and your staff truly value your customers and that was clearly demonstrated during my short time as a subscriber, and finally, you add a genuine personal touch in the way you speak to your clients and that means a lot to me. You and your staff appear, from my standpoint, to want your clients to benefit in the most profitable way possible, hence, I am proud to be a subscriber once again and I look forward to reaping further gains in the market as a result of your service.

"...I want to thank and congratulate Mr. James A. Shepherd in predicting the market direction. I followed his advice and it has saved me a lot of money. Thanks."

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how very pleased I've been with your services. There's truly nothing else like it in the world!"




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