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on the continuing threat of deflation

Here are some items from Jim's recent newsletters:
  • we'll see the dollar soar, commodities and stocks collapse,and bonds rally strongly.
  • Alan Greenspan may very well be blamed if the stock market collapses.
  • the Dow could easily drop to the 5,000 or 6,000 range...
  • this environment is not like any we have seen since the 1930s
  • the public has almost no concept of risk in the current market.
  • the Fed's attempts to re-liquefy the economy have failed.

Jim Shepherd
Jim Shepherd is recognized for his outstanding ability to decipher the myriad of data and financial information produced by the various Federal Reserve Banks, universities and private institutions. The model that Jim developed during the 1970s, which is based on this data, is dangerously close to issuing its first crash signal since 1987. At that time his model's warning system provided the precise timing for he and his clients to make $millions by buying inexpensive options during the 2 weeks preceding the crash.


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