What You Will Receive

The model has kept Jim's subscribers, for the most part, fully invested, while some other newsletter writers have gotten their clients entirely out of the market too early missing the huge run up in this Bull market of the past few years! And many have seen "doom and gloom" through this entire period, and have not been following or interpreting the data correctly.

The model will alert you to major changes in market direction prior to those changes happening, so that you can take the appropriate action to either protect or enhance your capital.


What We will NOT be sending You!

...a newsletter per se.

You will NOT get a ream of pages every few weeks to go through, which in the case of most other newsletters are "attempts" at forecasting the market and justifying the charges that subscribers pay.


You Will Receive

My service is designed so that you will know what is happening with the direction of the S&P 500 and DOW in not much more than 4 to 5 minutes in an average week.

You will get a one page Communiqué each month Click here to see an actual sample of a hard copy update.

You will also receive a timely notice of a market "sea change" that should get you out of harm's way and allow you to re-position yourself, should you so desire. You will also receive advice on what asset classes to move into.

Other Markets
Although our main focus is the US stock market, commentary will, from time to time, also cover other asset classes such as bonds, inflation hedges (gold, silver, real estate), and other commodities, that may be about to present special opportunities.

You will also receive a telephone update every Friday, just after 6 PM EST Click here to listen to Welcome from Jim Shepherd.

If you have access to the web you will have access to the Shepherd's Investment Strategist customer web site. You will be able to listen to the audio updates on the customer site. Whenever the DOW moves more than 3% in either direction (around 250 pts.) a special update will be issued.

When a 'signal' or 'caution' is issued, they will be placed on the web site within minutes of receipt. E-mail notifications will go out within minutes of receipt, as will faxes, and priority mail will go out in that days mail. It is anticipated that priority mail, based on history, will be fast enough to allow one to react on an actual 'signal' from the model as there always has been a lead time of several days up to weeks. The issuance of a 'caution' may not always allow enough time by US priority mail to react.

Knowing when to re-enter the market after a correction will be indicated by a "BUY SIGNAL" with enough time to catch the move up that would follow.

The Market Timing Service will only take a few minutes of your time each month. You will not have to read through pages and pages of material. The advice is short, to the point and timely. With the model you can sleep soundly knowing that you can be in the market or out. And when it is time for a change you will get sufficient notice to make that change.

Can such a Signal Benefit Your IRA, 401K or Mutual Fund?

Yes it certainly can! If your family of funds allows it, you can transfer from one asset class to another based on recommendations from our service. In other words you can be in equities, bonds or cash, depending on what is warranted, based on our recommendation at the time.

Interested? - Why You need to Act Today

  1. The number of new clients accepted will be limited at certain times of our growth. This will allow us the time needed to add new equipment and software and at times additional staff.
  2. At certain times when we are about to issue a major signal, the number of new subscribers will also be limited to numbers that our present systems can properly handle.

Summary - What You Will Receive

  1. A Timely Stock Market Signal to allow you to act before any major move UP or DOWN. The market considers anything less than 20% down on the S&P, a normal correction. But how much might a signal like this be worth to your investments? It could save a significant amount of your portfolio, as most major corrections in history have been 40 to 50% or more!
  2. A Timely Stock Market Signal that will also tell you when to buy back into a market that has finished its correction.
  3. A One page communiqué once per month to keep you up to date as to where the model sees the market at the time.
  4. Every Friday evening at 6pm EST a Weekly Update is available by calling in to the provided telephone number or by logging in at our website.
  5. Special Updates are done when the DOW moves approximately 3% or more in one day (presently set at 250 DOW points) after 6pm EST.
  6. Suggestions on asset classes that will be most appropriate following any major signal including equities, bonds or leveraged instruments.
  7. Your RISK FREE GUARANTEE - a full 90 Day Unconditional Money back GUARANTEE.
  8. Great Discounts Offered - Several HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OFF for multiple years sign up.

If your portfolio is worth $400,000 dollars, then an investment of only $375 per year is an insurance plan that is less than 1/10th of 1 percent - some spend that on brokerage fees for one trade! This is the most inexpensive trade investment you'll ever make!


...To sign up right away: Go to the Subscription Form and fill it out and e-mail it to us.

Note that it is a secure site for credit card use, but if you would rather, you may print off the Subscription Form and either fax it or mail it along to us, remembering to enclose your check if that is your choice of payment. If paying by credit card remember to fill in the pertinent number and expiry date for your VISA, MC or Discover card and send it off today. If you wish to expedite your ability to retrieve our latest information on the market then applying electronically will offer a considerable time saving. Most orders are processed within a day, however, please allow up to three days in case of backlog to process your order and get back to you. On receipt of payment, the 'hot line' access telephone number will be sent to you by your chosen means of delivery (if it is by regular mail, the first contact [and any signal] will be Priority Mail). Also of course if you choose to receive information from our web site, then you will be provided with user name and password at the same time.

If there are to be no further Subscription's at this time for one of the reasons mentioned herein you will see a note on the Subscription Form so indicating that. A note will be in place in the box on the Subscription Form, indicating a date at which we anticipate we will be able to open the service again to new customers. Should that occur, when we reopen again to new clients, you will be contacted first BEFORE we do any media advertising.

Click here to go to Subscription Form

Why do I use these dates? It is a means of helping to retain some control over the flow of new subscribers. This is important in that it allows us to ensure that we do not get over subscribed, thus taxing our ability to properly handle our present clients. We simply want to have growth under control to ensure that those already subscribing are properly served.

Anything Not Answered?

If you have further questions that are not answered, you may call us at (509) 777-2500, fax us at (509) 838-4953 or e-mail us at [email protected] If phoning, please note that you will need to leave a message. We will be happy to call you back if you leave a number and best time to call.

I look forward to helping you increase your financial success. Thank you.


Jim Shepherd

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Our subscribers are never surprised in any market


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March 23, 2001