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JAS MTS Inc. Track Record for Equities if the S&P Index fund had been traded Based on the Ten Signals issued by The JAS MTS Model

Did You Know?

The vast majority of fund managers never beat the indexes! That's right, you could buy an index position and do far better than most managers out there today! Don't believe me? Call your fund manager and ask him or her to send you a comparison against the S&P 500 Index.

BUT (and here is the good part!) … just by following our signals you can beat the indexesAND by a significant % at that too (see graph below). The graph shows what an initial $10,000 invested in 1982 would have grown to by the end of October 1998 (not including dividends). The bar at left is the result for having just left it alone - not even too bad at that … at $106,000. But look at the bar to the right at $170,000. Now this would be the result if one had bought and sold on receipt of my ten (10) signals since 1982. This does NOT include any leveraged plays either! You do need to do the buying and selling however. All you would have needed to do was to have put your $10,000 in an index fund and sold and bought based on my signals. At JAS MTS Inc. we do not run a fund at this time, thus we do not take possession of your money, we only issue the signals with which you must make your buying and selling decisions. Is the extra $64,000 (170,000 - $106,000) - that’s over 60% difference - worth the effort? That's your decision.

James A. Shepherd Market Timing Service Inc.
"Buy & Hold" vs "Buy & Sell"
Assuming a $10,000 original investment - August 1982 through Oct. 31, 1998
"Buy & Sell" is based on ten model generated signals since 1982

Means of Stock Investment - "Hold" at left vs. "Buy & Sell"
(Not including dividends) [Also - does NOT include profitable advice, NOR option purchases]

Past performance does not guarantee future results.