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Two years ago Jim Shepherd made investment recommendations to our subscribers that have now gained over 40%, proving that you can exit the stock market as dangerous times approach and you can continue to grow your portfolio during difficult economic periods. One year after Jim’s bond recommendation, Wall Street started giving their clients the same advice after many of them had been wiped out by remaining in the stock market.

On October 25th 1999, Jim Shepherd advised subscribers to purchase 30-year treasury bonds for safety and future growth potential. On October 31st 2001, these bonds had increased in value by over 40% and were the best asset class to be in at time of mailing (but may change soon).

30 Year U.S. Government T-Bond
Jan 2000 through Oct. 31, 2001
Weekly Chart

Oct. 1999                   Oct. 2001

Temporary suspension of sales of 30-Year Bonds by the Federal Reserve contributed to the huge move up during the last week of October.

On October 25th 1999, Jim Shepherd’s Model issued its first sell signal since 1994, and warned of the approaching sell-off in stocks. This allowed our subscribers to safely lock in HUGE profits that they had accumulated during this long bull market run. From the January 1995 BUY SIGNAL (Dow 3838) until the October 1999 SELL SIGNAL (Dow 10350) our subscriber's enjoyed an increase in their portfolios of 170%. Our subscribers that used the CAUTION issued on July 10th 1998 to temporarily exit the stock market, avoided temporary losses of 12%. The all-clear BUY SIGNAL that was issued on September 25th 1998 came at a time when most on Wall Street and in the financial media were predicting a crash. Many, who were short-the-market, were caught when the market turned up 10-days later, going rapidly to new highs.  

Since the Model was created and used by Jim in real time, it has successfully predicted every major move (both up and down) of the US stock market since 1982. Prior to using it in real time, Jim back-tested it over a 100-year period and it signaled every major approaching change in direction during that time.

Economic data does not support Wall Street's present theory that this bear market is over, and an end will not be near until Jim's Model issues its next BUY SIGNAL. This probably will not happen until levels have been reached that are much lower than at present. In the meantime our subscribers will continue to profit from a position of safety that may require another change in asset allocation in the near future. 

During the last two years we have received many messages from subscribers telling us about their own experiences. Here are a few excerpts:

 “Since I have subscribed to your service I have never been more at ease in the market following your advice”. K.S., Cambridge, WI., Oct 31, 2001

“I joined your service at the base level in August of 2000, and a month later moved to the Mid level service. I only wish I had heard of you before. I would have saved a lot of money!”. M.M. Kirkland, WA., Feb 12, 2001

“... even in my short period of membership with the small amount of money I had invested in US stocks, Jim's report has saved me the cost of subscribing, which is substantial to me (in New Zealand dollars!)”. Vicki Slade, Christchurch New Zealand, Nov 1, 2001.

“You enabled me to preserve my capital! If not for you and your guidance, I would have been one of those that lost 50-60% of invested capital. I was fully invested in the market until I had the benefit of your services beginning in May of 2000 (still after your sell signal). Your service helps me maintain a posture of patience and confidence for the future”. Bob Brandt, Crystal Lake, IL., Oct 16, 2000



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