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A year after our “Sell”, and ...


Yes It's true
... most investors find out about a Sea Change in the markets after it's too late. To make money over the long run in the markets, one must embrace decisiveness and patience and recognize the rewards that will follow this approach. To not do so, will cause losses, and may impact your future desire to even be involved in the markets.

It's true....
most Market Timers hedge their bets and follow the trend after it starts! Example: A mailing from a well known competitor who is frequently interviewed by the media and who charges around five times our price, gave his advice to get out of the market on July 24th 1998 after much of the damage had already occurred. Jim Shepherd gave two warnings - the last on July 10th- the market started down in earnest on July 17th.

We have never been wrong, hedged our bets nor given a late signal in the last 18 years. Late last year – our Model gave us a Sell Signal that has kept our subscribers safe from this year’s turbulent markets. Remember however, that this sell signal was after FOUR YEARS of TREMENDOUS GAINS from our 1995 ‘Buy’ ... AND these gains were locked in! And since then we have had very substantial gains in bonds, which have earned us, double-digit returns (see bar graph 3 below outlining Comparisons). Yes, the S&P 500 is still up 5.5% from the sell signal due primarily to energy issues – this will soon change also. When the market really begins its melt down (and we think it could be soon), the right type of bonds will be one of the best places to have your funds. They will receive the benefit of huge capital gains at that time. However there may be a switch in posture necessary shortly.

It's true ...the current Sell Signal that the Model issued on October 25th 1999 (a year ago yesterday!) identified the dangerous markets that we were heading into. It gave us a clear sign that all was not right and that the market was about to become very volatile and dangerous. Although some might say we were a little early the market was too dangerous to stay in after the “sell” signal and could have easily started down earlier than when it did – it topped in January 2000. That advice has been very safe and quite profitable for our subscribers (see chart). We trusted our time tested Model (over 18 years real time and over 100 years back tested) and knew that while a few large capitalized stocks were carrying some of the indexes higher, this was a very dangerous market. It has now become apparent that the Model was correct again. See the bar graph 1 at left showing what happened to many of the well followed larger stocks.

We have had several ‘sell’ signals that were never considered dangerous enough to turn into crashes. From the continued readings in the Model, we feel that this will be the eventual outcome this time however. The Model is still predicting that the end to this mania will likely be .......... a crash.

Before we move on, a look at how the JASMTS Inc. position did against two of the larger funds is in order. See bar graph 2 at right.

It's also true we are now making you, as a previous subscriber, a special offer. Our price changed over a year ago to $375 with no $ discount (the offer of late is a free month to new subscribers). Only those who renew at this time will have a chance to save money. This is a special offer which starts from the time you join and goes through October 31, 2001. For $325.00 (saving of $50) you will receive a subscription through the end of October 31, 2001. If you are one to really like crunching the numbers that is only 89 cents per day for something as close to insurance as you can get. We’ll keep you informed about when to be in equities and when not, or where to put your money in case an inflationary or deflationary hedge may be needed.

This is an offer we have no plans of repeating. As a previous customer, please understand that the standard 90-day money back guarantee you have seen offered is only for first time customers.

Why are we making such an offer? Obviously we want to increase our subscriber base. In checking back through our database, we have discovered that some of our most loyal clients were those people that were with us during the crash of '87. Most of them made 6700% gains on their money on average (a few made considerably more). It is well publicized in our report that some of our subscribers made 1000% gains in the move up in 1990 (see line graph at left). It stands to reason that if you make a very substantial capital gain, you're likely to become a long-term subscriber too.


And that's the reason for this offer. We want you with us, as the possibility of another large capital gain grows closer. Jim has advised our current subscribers on the methods of taking part in these potentially large gains. The first one has very little risk and will see our current investments grow very rapidly in the event of a bear market or a sudden collapse. The second method (which is not recommended for everyone) involves the use of leveraged instruments, which will explode in value in the event of a sudden collapse. Timing is the key and our subscribers will know the correct timing.

It’s true
we have made other consistent calls since 1990 also. You can see our 1994 ‘sell’ and 1995 ‘buy’ in the full report at our web site, but some more recent calls are seen in the thumb nail line graph at right starting in the spring of 1998. If you wish you may again take the time to run through our web site at to see more detail and refresh your memory about the outstanding record of our Model.

Bar Graph 3 below shows the financial results through the 18 years of signals, right up to Oct 25, 2000, depending on what you did with your capital.

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  2. Fill in the subscription form and mail it to us immediately with your check or credit card number for $325.00 (regular price $375). Since this offer is a specific offer that goes through October 31, 2001 it is to your advantage to get your payment back to us as quickly as possible in order to enjoy as much subscription time as possible.
  3. Phone us at 1- (509) 777-2500 and leave a message with the details needed as seen at the subscription page found at point one above.

PLEASE understand: the 90 day refund period is offered to first time subscribers only, and is thus not available to you.

Again, it bears repeating – this is a special offer for $325 which starts whenever we first hear from you and goes through Oct 31st, 2001 (vs regular price of $375.00) so the earlier you respond the more time you have to enjoy your subscription. Alternatively, if right now is not of interest to you because you may be out of the market, but think at a later time you may be interested you may simply go to our visitor’s site at and join there at the posted price at that time.

So, for something as close to insurance as you can get - for a price of less than 90 cents per day plus a chance for substantial profits act today!

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